WordPress & Custom Web Development – Which is Better?

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Choosing the best platform to build a website is often difficult for businesses or organizations to sustain their online presence on the internet. Today, we are finding open sources in no time to build websites. Custom websites, however, are still trendy for a large number of consumers or organizations. WordPress has become the most popular open source platform among the open-source website development platforms. What is easier to choose? The debate between WordPress and Custom Web Creation is longer than that.

We have, however, listed the possible pros and cons of WordPress web development and custom web development services here in this article. Users will get the full idea of what’s best for them according to their needs after going through this discussion:

WordPress Websites Development

WordPress is an open source platform that, by using pre-designed templates, allows users to design or create a website.

Pros of WordPress Website Development

  • Easy to Use

You are not expected to employ skilled developers and designers. When using WordPress, you can design and organize a website of your own easily.

  • Time-Saving

WordPress enables users to quickly build or organize a website. If you are going to start your business soon and have little time for custom web creation, even in a few hours when using WordPress, you can soon launch your website.

  • Cost-Effective

WordPress is a cost-effective forum of easily operating a website. One of the key reasons for companies not thinking about the website is that it is costly. By offering you the cheapest templates to run your website, WordPress mitigates this concern.

  • Template Diversity

With the aid of a diverse selection of templates, you can give your organization an official and professional look. Several models or themes can be found for any single niche.

  • Ongoing Development

A wide group of developers is actively working on WordPress to launch the new WordPress trends and improvements.

Cons of WordPress Website Development


One of the key drawbacks of using WordPress is that one can face security problems. The templates for WordPress are pre-designed and one can easily access a template to destroy it.


A WordPress website is poor in efficiency to some degree, compared to a custom website. It takes more time to load the WordPress website and some of the features often function slowly, which can cause users to have a bad browsing experience.


Users are expected to update the WordPress site all the time. To give the best results, the WordPress templates and plugins are updated regularly. Users are also expected to upgrade the themes and plugins to add performance quality to the website.

Functions Limitations

WordPress offers limited functions and features. These have to be compromised by users. In WordPress, there are many patterns and features still missing that can be planned when creating a custom website.


Plugins for WordPress websites are used to provide the website with the correct or necessary functionality. The more plugins you use, the slower and more bloated your website becomes.

Pros of Custom Website Development

High Security

Custom Website Development Services provide your website with high security. Going through the development of a closed source means you are going to employ professional developers or businesses. The businesses design the website in such a way that there is less chance of being a cyber-attack victim.


Professional designers and firms provide your website with proper maintenance in a timely manner. Professional developers and businesses do not compromise on functionality and performance and offer maintenance to bring efficiency to the website through proper scheduling.


Professional development companies do not depend on the designs of the template. In spite of this, they bring innovative and unique ideas to give your website a professional look.

Website Content

A custom website package may also offer your company some other benefits, the best and main advantage is the content creation or/ and management. Professional writers may give you the opportunity to get the desired content on your website.

Optimized Website

For example, to gain a better position in search engines, professional developers offer the proper SEO functionality on your website.

Cons of Custom Website Development

High Cost

This is one of the major drawbacks of a custom website. It is costly compared to open source platforms. You would choose to develop your website as much as you might have to pay for a professional team.

Time Consuming

If you are going to launch your business quickly, the idea of custom web development may delay your company’s launch.

Get the Better Development Services

From the above discussion, it is easy to get the concept of what is the best choice for companies to run online. However, a WordPress website can rely on those who are looking to launch the companies quickly and are not looking for extra features and functionality. On the other hand, individuals looking for a professional website to give their businesses the best suggestion to develop a custom website for them to offer a professional and official look.

Proeze invites those who are concerned about the cost and time frame of the custom website to get better Web Development Services within a reasonable cost and manageable time frame.

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