Why WordPress is best for marketing?


Since its introduction in 2003, the WordPress CMS has seen an exponential increase in popularity. This is no surprise given that it is one of the best website development platforms with the shortest learning curve, particularly for start-ups with no coding skills and lacks the capital to invest in a web design team.

When it comes to a web marketing for your company, WordPress with its hundreds of easy-to-use plugins and features offers unparalleled levels of practicality. In this post, we discuss some of the greatest benefits for your online marketing campaign that the web has to offer.

Why WordPress is the best?

Enhanced Site Performance

The output of your website is one of the most critical, but often ignored, components of successful web marketing. If users cannot access your web easily, their chances of bouncing to a rival are far greater.

The main element when operating on site is, of course, page speed. Poor uploading of web pages is a sure-fire way of annoying users and destroying the user experience.

Luckily, with its extensive range of plugins built for that purpose, WordPress facilitates the process of making your website load faster. There’s also an infinite range of minimalist WordPress themes to choose from which to enhance performance.

Your first stop after selecting your theme should be a caching plugin, producing static cached versions of your web content that will make your pages load expediently. With WordPress, you can easily customise anything from photos to your database and widgets for a big boost inefficiency.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a proven technique for digital marketing. Organizations create content which can be used by their audience and add to their website or blog. Then this content is promoted to reach the target audience through social, email, paid channels and more.

Marketers can use targeted keywords and content phrases to drive visibility in the search engine. And that useful content is important to your target audience on your website. This importance helps to create backlinks through social shares and other mentions – links back to the website.

WordPress provides a perfect CMS for marketing content. It started out as a tool for blogging so content marketing is in its blood. Over the years it has been optimised to become one of the easiest website content creation and editing utilities.

Website Portal

Although not a full-fledged Association Management Framework like iMIS, WordPress has a broad range of plugins available (including an iMIS plugin) that will help you handle most membership requirements.

You can easily manage your guests, provide event options for payment and scheduling, sell products and much more. Associations and non-profits, as well as small to medium-sized companies, may use WordPress to build a brand evangelists’ network.

With these plugins and a strong digital marketing strategy, companies can turn their website into a hub where they can gain access to information from their group of members, clients etc.

You can also expand the WordPress features and customise it to do just about everything you like. So, you don’t have to settle for “off the shelf,” you can make your website a personalised resource that is dedicated to your audience’s unique needs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the optimization method for your website and the links to it so that Google finds value based on those keywords and sentences. You can use WordPress to boost your SEO considerably, based on:

Mobile Friendliness

As a medium of choice for web browsing users, Mobile is quickly outpacing all else. Considering this, if it isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will potentially penalise the website.

But don’t be scared because WordPress is coming to the rescue again. There are many useful plugins to make your site mobile-friendly and from the moment you add them, a large majority of WordPress themes will be web responsive.


Digital marketing is so far more than just putting the right keyword, it will lead to your online success from speeding up your sites to reducing your bounce rate.

Hopefully, this article has convinced you that WordPress is the perfect platform for your digital marketing needs and provides you with a good summary of what can be done in the perfect hands-down CMS on the online.

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