Why is website maintenance important?


Your website is more than just your business’s virtual face. When it comes to online marketing it does much of the heavy-lift. For this reason, one of the key success factors for your business is website maintenance. Many business owners understand that having a website is necessary in order to get a slice of all the online business created. So they’re taking the first step, they ‘re creating a web site, they ‘re even setting some goals, they want to be on Google’s first list.

Maintenance of the website is so much more than repairing the sometimes broken link or upgrading an outdated plugin and affects so many other aspects of your online presence. So, why is maintenance of the Website important?

What Are Website Maintenance Plans?

Website maintenance plans are a continuous service which supports your website’s overall health and performance optimisation. Depending on the provider, the services which these plans provide can differ.

Most plans offer such services as content, SEO, user interface, and security. Many plans also provide backups to the website, daily updates to the website and facilities for tracking uptime.

There are several companies that select a variety of site maintenance plans from which to sell. You can trust the one that best fits your needs, budget and preferences in your online business.

Most site maintenance service providers provide three forms of plans, including:

Monthly plans. Your business will be paid monthly on a fixed base.

Hourly plans. The hourly plans are ideal for any company that does not need a monthly bundle to sustain its routine. You are going to pay by the hour.

After-hours plans. If you need 24/7 maintenance, most Site Maintenance companies have after-hour service plans.

What happens when I don't have a repair plan?

1.Poorly functioning website

Your website is an online reflection of your brand. People also study the site and social media accounts of an organisation before some kind of action is taken. Sometimes, your website is the first impression that a potential customer has of your company, so it’s crucial that your company looks its best. Outdated plugins would have a big effect on the design of your site and customers will not trust a company with an unprofessional look.

2. Cyber attacks

A poorly managed web site is a free hackers playground. A security break in one of your plugins will provide them with enough vulnerability so they can use automated attacks to exploit your web. Will provide you with proper maintenance of the website:

3. Poor search engine rankings

Content is a part of the SEO equation only. With changes and improvements to ranking algorithms, Google keeps us on our toes and the search engine giant takes into consideration the efficiency , security, and web design of a website. Google’s top criteria include elements such as responsiveness, friendliness with mobile devices, clear navigation menus and website speed Outdated features and functionalities of the website will mess up the Chances of ranking your site high in search results.

4. Slow-loading website

Slow load times can point to other factors such as large images , videos, clunky web pages, problems with the server, and cluttered code. This may have serious consequences for the bottom line. A Google study shows that if it doesn’t load with 3 seconds, more than 50 percent of mobile web users will leave a webpage. Maintenance of the Website will improve and speed up the efficiency of your site.

5. Unwanted costs

If your website breaks down from malware attacks and data loss, you lose heaps of dollars for every day your website does not perform well. Not to mention the money you’ve spent on the web. To create a website for you, you’ll need to find another designer and go back to zero. It is also best to give your website the best care and support it needs from the very beginning.


You may have hired a designer a decade ago to create and do a web site. Your site may just have been sat on the net, and there would be leads flowing in. Yet, things have changed drastically today. With more brands competing with high-quality content and cybercriminals hacking compromised sites, an effective maintenance plan will make or break your business.

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