What is Link Juice?

link juice

Link juice is lingo used to represent and gauge how much leverage a backlink passes on to another site and promotes it. The more link juice that passes on from a webpage to a linked site, the more credible that particular suggestion is. And the number of positive ranking factors that a link passes from one page to the next is called link juice.

There are 2 types of link juice, namely;

Internal link juice – It is the linking power that is carried on by internal linking to other internal webpages (s).

External link juice – The linking power that is carried on from another domain is called an external link juice.

There is a cumulative Domain Ranking for a website. This is the total number of positive link metrics associated as a whole with a website. The Domain Rank is defined by all of the individual pages on a website in the combined PageRank. Each webpage has its own PageRank, and sometimes ranking capabilities more precisely, are regulated by the link metrics associated with each webpage. The Link Metrics of any given page indicates how much Link’s can be passed on to another webpage. A colloquial SEO term defining the importance of backlinks to a webpage is link juice. It is seen as a significant aspect for Google to rank highly.

It should be distributed as uniformly as possible across a website. There should be a good number of links to each significant webpage pointing its way. Focusing all of their link’s on their home page is the mistake that is being made by so many web developers, with only limited quantities trickling deep into the site.

It is always worth tracking the incoming links (backlink)  website passes on. In terms of both the number of backlinks and their consistency, a considered and long-term preparation of the backlink structure will result in substantial advantages in positioning in Google search results.

What determines the link juice?

It is also known as link equity. There are certain factors that determine link juice. They are;

How to check link juice?

You need to be aware of tools that are readily accessible, and sometimes free, in order to check the reliability of a link. There are certain popular SEO analytical tools such as;

How to Optimize Your Organic Rankings Using Link Juice?

If you’d like a better organic ranking for your website, then depending on older methods and techniques of optimization just won’t help. Optimizing and upgrading your website to outdo your competitors is very crucial for you. The link’s value will be passed through hyperlinks. Links are considered by search engines as votes given by other sites that indicate that your webpage is remarkably valuable and worth endorsing. Therefore It’s a key factor in SEO that helps you get better organic rankings in the search results.

The likelihood of search users clicking on links to your webpages would also be enhanced when you rank higher. Therefore, this increases the traffic to your website. More traffic is directly related to more income and revenue generation, providing all the investments with higher and better returns. Link juice as a whole is a solid and highly productive way to progress in your organic rankings.

To optimize organic rankings and SEO, you shall consider the following;


It can help your website in generating organic rankings in the Google Search Results. As the number of Link’s, a site can pass on itself, increases with the amount of link’s that it receives from other sites. You have to efficiently and effectively leverage link’s to experience the best SEO. The link juice concept typically operates under the assumption of giving and taking.

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