What is Domain Authority? How to Improve it?

Domain authority

Domain authority is a concept that Moz has developed to determine how well a site is going to be ranked. In the SEO world, the Domain Authority (DA) score is not a new concept, however, there are several bloggers who do not know about the importance of domain authority. Previously, a website used to be weighed based on its page-rank. Currently, for domain ranking the domain and page authority plays a prominent part.
Domain Authority developed by Moz is a 1-100 scale scoring system to help predict how well a website can be ranked in the Google Search results. They have their own formula to do this, but it mimics the Google algorithm to rank a website and use their own algorithm. It is pretty accurate.
Say, for example, Google and Facebook have a Domain Authority of 99. On an average Small and Medium-sized Business (SMBs) Domain Authority sits between 10-30. It is very difficult to increase your score as your score gets higher. All you have to do is keep your website live for a year on the Internet to get the domain authority score to 10.
For SMBs to increase their Domain Authority (DA) score to somewhere between 20 to 30, a little bit of content to be put and optimization of the website to be done from your end. When your website score is above 30, then you have to upload content on your website on a regular basis and initiate the backlinks too.

What is classified as a good Domain Authority score?

A good DA score is directly proportional to the industry you are in. Also, it depends on your competitor’s DA score to understand where your website score stands. This is the general gauge.

How to use Domain Authority?

Always have an idea about how your competitor’s DA outranks you. Sometimes, it is natural to wonder how your competitor’s Domain Authority is higher than your DA. You need to have a look at the differences between the services you offer and what your competitor offers. This way you will have a gist of where you lack when it comes to website ranking. Doing a competitive analysis will help you stay in the race for a longer run. This analysis makes it easier for you to highlight the service(s) you rank higher for than your rival. SEO optimization and link building are helpful to quickly assess how powerful your website is by looking at the DA score.

How does the DA score decrease?

Some of the characteristics that lead to DA score decreasing are;

How to improve your DA score?

There is no direct method to improvise DA score. Moz basically mimics Google Algorithm and therefore, there are so many elements to consider. It is very tedious to directly influence DA score. However, there are certain tasks that can be performed regularly to improve your Domain Authority score eventually.

To improve DA –

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