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Social media marketing ( SMM) is a digital marketing method that makes use of social media sites as a marketing tool. SMM’s mission is to create content that consumers share with their social network to help a company increase brand awareness and extend client reach.

Social media optimization (SMO) is one of the key components of social media marketing. SMO is a technique for attracting new and unique visitors to a website, like search engine optimization (SEO). SMO can be accomplished in two ways: adding links to content on social media, such as RSS feeds and sharing buttons — or encouraging social media activity by status updates or tweets, or blog posts.

SMM helps a company get customers (and potential customers) direct feedback whilst making the company look more personable. The interactive aspects of social media include the ability for consumers to ask questions or voice grievances and believe they’re being heard. This part of SMM is called social management of customer relationships.

Why businesses are targeting social media?

SMM is the best way to target massive audience — half of the world’s population today, 3.8 billion people, are using social media. However, this figure is gradually growing — social media usage has increased by 9.2 percent since 2019.

Social networking is extremely useful for raising awareness about the brand. According to Hootsuite, in public media feeds 52 percent of online brand exploration happens. In other words, most people on social networks know about new brands.

People were spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes each day in 2019. And this measure has also improved — time spent on social media has risen by 1.4%. This allows social media a perfect way not just to meet your audience but also for a long time to connect with them.

Social networks are becoming more and more relevant each year in terms of boosting sales. For example, 43 percent of internet users used social media in 2019 to analyze brands before making a purchase. Although only 12 percent of people are willing to click on a “buy” button on Facebook or Instagram, social networks are highly important in the early stages of the purchaser’s route.

How to start with SMM?

Social Media Marketing operates on the Social Media Optimization (SMO) concept, i.e. enhancing client reputation on social networks.

Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the targeted website draws new, exclusive visitors to SMO.

How do Social Networks care about search engines? Only because many people use their social media to find information, exchange links, and thus engage in creating a strong connexions network (link building campaign).

Social media marketing can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Active Social media marketing
  2. Passive Social media marketing

Active SMM

Effective promotion involves adding links (applications) to social networks (similar to RSS and social media sharing buttons) that lead from content on the website and viceversa . The social networks that can be used as an SMM tool are as follows:

Note: MAUs stands for Monthly Active Users, and MUVs stands for Monthly Unique Visitors.

The social network has its own terms of use, which vary with persons and legal entities, i.e. companies.

What companies get is only an opportunity to launch a paid ad campaign to reach larger audiences, thus boosting traffic to a website or a specific web page.

Passive SMM

Passive promotion means promoting social networking activities through status updates, posting photos, tweets or blog posts.

Reactions of users can be further analyzed to solve problems and eliminate dissatisfaction and improve their brand experience.

Also, what is beneficial is that knowledge is collected in real-time, which accelerates the entire process and opens the door to a new level of cooperation.

Social Media Marketing Goals

Through social media marketing, you can achieve a wide array of goals — it depends on your overall marketing plan.

Why Proeze for Social media marketing?

Despite how busy you and your team are, we’ll make sure your social media channels are a priority.

We know how to get results from your marketing budget and how to use social media to the benefit of your company.

Through social media marketing, we focus on ROI driven outcomes. This may be rising lead numbers, raising foot traffic, improving online sales, driving targeted website traffic, or even just taking the job off someone else in your company who really should do other things. Anything that we do has in mind a return on your investment.

We take the time for your company to build a tailor-made social media plan. Just like your company, it has to be original so we can reach an untapped audience on social media. The approach to social media marketing is creating a social media strategy that not only fits your business style but also targets an audience that you never knew existed.

We’re working with customers around the Globe to develop their brand, website traffic, lead and eventually their bottom line. The clients don’t need to be in the same town as us. We ‘re all doing the magic.

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