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           “Magento is the second most popular eCommerce platform globally”. 


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Boost your sales with the best Magento development agency in the U.K

Proeze is the trustworthy Magento development agency in the U.K providing top eCommerce development services at a cost-effective rate. We have professionals Magento eCommerce developers who create user-friendly and appealing websites to the clients. Our developers bring the Magento power to provide advanced and unique web solutions to the clients. We have created more than 800 websites successfully with our Magento development services.

Magento is one of the scalable and flexible eCommerce platforms that offer users to manage the technical and aesthetic aspects for their support and stores. Creating a good design layout and professional website is easier with Magento. Our qualified Magento developers make use of essential features like site customisation, backend management, flexible shopping cart framework to develop a complete website.

Whether the client requires the payment options, shipping, merchandising, promotional campaigns, or all-in-one feature, our Magento developers plan accordingly to develop the website.

Proeze Magento development services

We deliver some of the below unique services to our clients at an affordable price with enhanced functionalities.

Website development

Expect the improved store’s speed, content management, functionalities, features, responsiveness, and deployment of different marketing approaches to increase business revenue with our Proeze Magento development services. We take your business toward success by operating with the best agility.

Custom Magento solutions

Proeze is open to any type of requirements when it comes to Magento. We have Magento experts who are experienced in developing a Magento store from scratch, migrating and integration of third party APIs, revamping the present design for better results, and more.

Payment & shipping gateway integration

Shipping and payment are a critical aspect of any eCommerce store. Our talented shipping and payment gateway integration specialists make use of the third party payment and shipping gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Square, and more within the Magento website to make the integration user-friendly.

Module development

Magento professionals from proeze understand the client's requirements thoroughly. The customisation is made clearly based on the elements with the help of controllers, blocks, and models. All these functionalities provide you with an excellent Magento setup.

Shopping cart development

The professional shopping cart developers in Magento make use of the enriching features to make an excellent Magento store. Our talented Magento developers ensure optimum security, smooth navigation, and other high-tech shopping car features.

Theme development

We have Magento team with talented Magento developers who are excellent in rendering SEO optimised and enthralling Magento theme, integrated with the top W3C compliance, UI/UX support, and cross-browser functionalities. It ensures higher traffic and better revenue through conversion.

The essential and in-demand Magento Development features from Proeze

There are some significant web development functionalities included in our Proeze Magento development services.

Innovation lab

Innovation lab

The Magento developers ensure they have an intuitive lab and execute the latest functionalities and features in the project they are assigned with.

eCommerce solution

Our Magento developers offer in-demand capabilities and features to make changes to the online store based on business requirements. Whatever may be the objectives, our talented Magento developers are capable of making them implement in the Magento platform.

eCommerce solution

Magento tool

Magento tool

Proeze provides an analytic tool which can be used to get the report of RSS feeds, the purchased products, product reviews received, conversion rate, latest orders, sales, and more.

Flexible solutions

Our developers develop websites and app, which is flexible as per the requirements of the clients. Our goal is to explain every factor we implement in a Magento store to attract the customers and turn them into sales.

Flexible solutions

Result-driven workflow

Result-driven workflow

Our eCommerce developers stick to the workflow and guidelines for all the projects in the Magento development, which keeps the process scalable, and flexible to create many customised solutions.


We have live chat features which help in offering the best social companions. We offer chatbots in a personalised way that we combine the functionalities with a customer relationship management tool for improving the conversion rate.


Magento upgrade

Magento upgrade

All our developers are upgraded with the latest technology used in the Magento. It helps to make your Magento store excellent for good user experience.

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