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“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”.

– Jeff Bezos

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Getting to know what people think of your business, brand, and how you respond to the comments and manage a good relationship with them helps you to be more successful. Being the best online brand monitoring services in the U.K., Proeze enables you to get to know what people are thinking about your brand and business. Whether you are an individual, startup, or established brand, our brand specialists will help you to identify and understand the conversation sentiment surrounding your business and brand.

We have online branding monitoring experts who monitor social media websites and news sites for mentions of your company or brand, audit blog feeds and RSS news, Scrutinize third-party applications and websites for customer reviews to explore what is being talked about your brand, products or services by the customers.

What is Brand Monitoring?

Brand monitoring is defined as the method of monitoring different channels to access what is said about you by finding mentions of your business and brand. This can be through complaints on the social media sites or in the newspaper article. The purpose of brand monitoring is to respond to the customers and act positively to establish your brand online.

Why do you need brand monitoring services?

Mentioning your brand sentiment and brand mentions can help you in different ways. There are many advantages to using Proeze brand monitoring services, namely;

Enhanced retention and customer service

The brand strategists ensure to earn customer loyalty and happiness. Our professional brand specialists listen to the customers, respond to their questions online and offer them the support on the right time. We respond to the queries on newspaper articles and social media sites and this help to increase the publicity of the client's brand and thus increased brand revenue. Our skilled experts make sure to offer timelier and on-time customer support services so that we can easily retain our customers.

Create better products

Brand monitoring is the best way to collect information about your services or products. People write online reviews and share their opinions on the products and services on social media. Some of the response may even include improving your products or services. We make use of these comments to create a better product to create more brand visibility.

Increased sales

Brand monitoring helps to analyze and identify the opportunity in sales. We have seen many people who discuss online about the products before they go for a purchase. Some of them ask for opinions and reviews of those products or services in their friend circles or to solve any particular issues. We identify this type of conversations and help them to get the product and making them into a customer and buying lead.

Source relevant content

Online brand monitoring is the best way to explore high-quality content, which can be shared with your followers. It helps in exploring the content that features your business brand. It may be even a listicle, a brand mention or a product review.

What do Proeze brand specialist monitor?

Brand Monitoring

Our brand strategists monitor the following aspects;

  1. Branded keywords and several variations
  2. Product names
  3. Campaign names
  4. Industry-specific keywords
  5. Product functions and features
  6. Competitor keywords
  7. Brand public figures and C-suite.

Proeze Online brand monitoring practices

Our Proeze brand monitoring professionals make use of the following practices to deliver excellent results;

    • We have skilled consultants who analyze and set up alerts for the mentions that are negative.
    • We come up with a game plan of what should be done, how should be the response or the customer’s comments, and more.
    • Our professionals identified the right time to engage, and they also know the area when they should be silent to avoid negatives.
    • We make use of the client’s competitors to learn more of what should be done to get accurate results.

It’s good to have an understanding that every brand is different from each other, and therefore the strategies also differ. Our skilled consultants come up with a customized approach for each business and monitor their social media sites, or newspaper sites, etc., manage their online reputation and gain customer trust. 

We provide the following online brand monitoring services;

Why choose Proeze for the best online brand monitoring services?

  1. Customized solutions that fit your brand and business.
  2. Detects prioritize results, identify brand infringements, take best and result-focused action against the negative mentions, and more.
  3. 100% customer satisfaction.
  4. No hidden cost.
  5. 24/7 customer support.
  6. Skilled brand strategists with years of experience in monitoring different brand verticals.

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