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Do you have a business app that is lacking behind in the app stores? It means you are in need to perform an App Optimization to improve the visibility of your app on the app store.

Proeze App Store Optimization consultants help you to reach top rankings among the millions of apps available. We increase your app visibility, which indicates staying at the top beating your competitors, and also multiplying the number of downloads of your app in the app store that includes Amazon, AppStore for iTunes and Android, Google Play Store, and more in a hyper-competitive app market.

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of enhancing your mobile application visibility based on platforms like Android, Windows, OS, Cross platforms, and Blackberry applications. If you are ready to go with SEO for websites, then it’s mandatory to prefer App Store Optimization for mobile applications. Get ready to see your mobile apps ranking top in the app store with our effective ASO services.

Proeze holds a qualified ASO expert team who are dedicated and make use of the latest and industry updated app store optimization strategies for a different platform to increase the credibility & visibility of the client applications.

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strategies used by Proeze

Our App Store Optimization experts follow effective and viable methodologies based on the app usability, the landscape and the customer expectations. Here are some of the strategies followed by our ASO Consultants to enhance your app visibility in the app store.

Keyword research

When it comes to App Store Optimization, the expectations & requirements for approaches differ from iOS app store and Google Play store. For example, the play store enables 4000 characters, whereas the App Store allows only 100 characters to explore the search results. In this case, our qualified professionals make use of the right tools to choose the keywords based on the language, customers search, targeted competitors, and considering which would drive more traffic to the mobile apps.

An unique title for your mobile apps

The first part of the App Store Optimization Services is choosing the relevant app title or name. The name that our professionals choose is based on branding, uniqueness, the right keywords which drive results, and more. We always prefer to go with short names with a dash, vertical bar and the keywords to drive search results.

A suitable description for your apps

Once the name is chosen for your apps, the next part is the app description. We make sure that our app description is a call to action that explains what the client’s mobile applications perform, the specification, features, and why the customers need to download them. We ensure whether the description is user-friendly, concise, and simple to understand for the users.

The app ratings and reviews

The significant approach in increasing your app visibility is to have good quality and volume of ratings & reviews. At Proeze, our ASO experts analyze the current reviews and put effort to improve the positive ratings and influence comments to enhance the app store optimization.

An attractive logo for your app

As the saying goes “The first impression is the best impression”, we design beautiful logos that impress your customer during the first visit itself. We use bright colours, appealing images, unique shape, and descriptive ones so that they can be easily recognized.

App videos and screenshots

Our ASO consultants include app videos and screenshots, which enables potential users to make your app visually appealing and bring more downloads. The professionals highlight the essential pages, critical points so that the customer can know whether their requirements are present or not.

The publisher name of the app

The reputation and publishers name helps to drive more search results in the app store. We choose a publisher name that derives the type of the app.

The category of apps

When it comes to a category, Google play store enables to pick one whereas iOS app store allows selecting a primary and secondary category. We choose a category that is suitable and relevant to bring success. We ensure the competitor categories, user mindset, best fit, and other important considerations.

Retention and Download

Retention, app engagement, and post download are the next approaches our ASO consultants focus. Adding personalization, introducing incentivization, acting and asking on user feedback will be the best additionals to the app lifecycle.

Youtube Video

Our ASO professionals highlight the critical features of your mobile apps through YouTube video. It means the customer can easily provide app exposure as well as increase the engagement of customer for your mobile applications.

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