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Brand isn’t a logo. It’s not your name. It isn’t some meaningless handout bent the planet . It’s quite a technique laid call at a Google doc. In fact, branding can’t be seen. Branding can only be felt.

The way you build your brand online will shape not only the perception of your business but also it gradually increases your business. Having a powerful personal brand is significant for a businessman, and when connecting along with your community online, you wish to be front and center. Trust and authority go hand-in-hand, and a faceless brand has neither.

Your brand is determined by your character traits, knowledge, capabilities and the way you express yourself online. Having a strong brand matters – and without sending one tweet or Facebook post, you’re still out there, just by being visible. How you’re seen online affects your reputation and potential customers make purchasing decisions with this in mind.

Why is Brand Marketing so important in Search?

It improves your business and the rate of lead generation will increase, because it’s easier to sell things when you’re a trusted brand.

Higher success rates from the links naturally or through sending out requests to other webmasters/bloggers.

Search engines are more useful for branding because ranking pages are displayed on the search results (because people simply trust them). This will  increases your site’s chances of getting higher search rankings for difficult keywords, which leads to more targeted traffic that are searching and probably in need of your business.

Measuring the rate of success of your online branding campaign –

The best metric to base your campaign’s achievements is typically through the increase in amount of leads/sales/revenue you’ve got generated from the campaign.

The increase in visitor loyalty also as new visits (that can all be tracked through your analytics’ audience behavior report).

Increase in branded search (people finding out your brand on search engines).

The amount of the natural brand mentions through the site links, citations and/or social mentions.

Approximate amount of engaged users (or possible brand advocates), that can easily be analyzed by setting goals for both macro and micro conversions (subscribers, ecommerce sales, returning visitors, service inquiries, etc.)

Increase in amount of followers on key social networking sites that you are active on using such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Tips to Build Online Brand –

So, how can you build a successful brand? Here are some tips to improve your brand.

1. Understand Your Brand

To achieve success, you need to make sure there isn’t a misunderstanding between how You perceive your brand, and the way others perceive it. The simplest way to eliminate this from  happening, is to ask yourself what three words you’d go with your brand. Once you’ve got your three words, ask someone you trust, that knows your business a similar question. If the three words don’t match up (or almost alike) ask yourself – why this is, and whether this reflects a spot between your brand and reputation online.

2. Understand Your Customer

After understanding your own brand, you then got to understand what your customer wants. The message you’re sharing online must be in line along with your business and suitable for your target customer. First, understand who your target customer is, where they hang around and what they need to communicate with you.

3. Don’t Be a Faceless Brand

It is so important that your brand contains a face. I don’t mean you’ve got to physically let people see your face on social media.

Search and traffic differentials by estimating and comparing your site and your competitors’ sites on targeted keywords, amount of traffic and traffic price (value of obtained traffic), which can be monitored using Google ads and Google analytics.

4. Show Up

Being a brand that has a face, you also need to ensure that you can be approached online. A part of having a successful brand is treating your social networks as a customer service outlet. 80% of success is simply on the impression, so confirm your brand shows up for your audience.

5. Work in Real-Time

While we may schedule for some of the information that I share online, we also must make it as an important task – that every day we have to communicate in real time with those who are all communicating with us. This is crucial in building your branding, as when someone asks you a question, they want an answer and almost immediately.

6. Long-Term Relationships

Building a long-term relationship is important in the long-term brand success. We have great relationships with many event and trade show organizers; some of them which we have spoken for 5-6 years, twice a year. It is important that you keep all your relationships strong as this is what helps increase your exposure.

7. Your Branding

Does your branding reflect your business? If there’s a mismatch between the way you communicate online and your branding, you need to form a change.

8. Make A Change

After finding out how your brand is being perceived online, you may need to make some adjustments to make sure that the right message is being portrayed. Don’t be afraid to make the change – your brand is at stake and you must do what is necessary to improve your business.

9. Mean What You Say

Transparency is essential to build a strong branding. To ensure you are perceived online the way you should be, always you think before you post.  As soon as you send a message to your audience, there’s no turning back. You must always mean what you say and stand by it, otherwise having an authentic branding goes to be even harder to realize.

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