Influencer Marketing – How to develop your strategy?

Influencer Marketing – How to develop your strategy?

Influencer marketing is the way companies get people who already have a social presence speaking about their product. It’s also a term for those who start their own business (often in the digital space) and continue to demonstrate leadership and power beyond the products they create on a personal level.

Influencer marketers are those individuals who have already built a name in the digital world on their own and are at times known just for their social presence. Meaning, they may be popular on Instagram or on YouTube.

When done well, for both partners involved, this marketing mode can be a powerful tool that allows two different entities to potentially fuse and grow their audience.

Why should we use influencer marketing?

The digital age has changed the way people buy stuff. Banner ads are now averaging 0.4 percent click through rates that were once staples of online marketing.

Some of the conventional advertising tactics have lost their footholds, so people discover and learn about products in different ways than they used to.

Fortunately, social media provides an incredible way to access the new channels used by individuals to research and purchase products. Organically, influencer marketing gets your product and brand into the social media environment and presents your product or service as an expert’s recommendation. This is the strongest kind of social evidence.

Social evidence, psychologically, is one of the most effective marketing tactics. That’s why making use of it is a good idea.

Let’s talk about ‘how’ to build an influencer marketing strategy now that you understand the ‘why’ of influencer marketing.

Here’s the checklist of steps;

Determine Your Goals –

Brand influencers are an outstanding source of social evidence for brands, but you should set goals before selecting top influencers. First, identify your target audience, who are you trying to reach with your campaign of influencers? Set a budget once your target audience is established.

More and more influencers are being well compensated for brand partnership with the rise of social media influencer marketing. Select which KPIs to measure after determining your budget. Audience reach, views, engagement, and rise in followers are some KPIs to consider.

Identify Influencers –

Instagram and Snapchat are some of the most popular influencer marketing platforms and influencers are likely to already exist in your brand’s fan and follower pool. Choosing influencers whose values and style match your brand is important. You can start looking for influencers within your existing audience for loyal fans who might be interested in becoming influencers once you determine your target audience. For smaller brands, a better option than a celebrity endorsement may be micro-influencers. Due to their authenticity, micro-influencers have been proven to be more successful than traditional celebrity influencers. Brands should choose influencers that are relevant, have a large audience reach, and whose content resonates with the audience that you want.

Brands also need to devote time before working with them to vetting potential influencers and performing due diligence. Dig into the backgrounds of influencers to see if any red flags are appearing and avoid influencers that can negatively reflect on your brand.

Plan Effective Publishing Schedule –

It is not possible to understate the influence of social media: peer recommendations have been shown to affect between 20 and 50 percent of all purchasing decisions. Once you have selected an influencer or influencers, the influencer network needs to be leveraged by your strategy. Influencers can generate reliable, on-brand content that is relevant to potential customers and can be reused across a range of platforms.

To ensure that all influencers are posting regularly and in reasonable interviews, identify the best times for posting using KPIs and demographic trends. To create a cohesive campaign that can expand your brand reach and boost brand awareness, influencer marketing should be incorporated with the rest of the marketing strategy.

Focus on Organic Posts and Content –

Today’s customers know when brands market to them and many customers are immune to it after being inundated with traditional ads. Native advertising can be far more effective than branded advertising, with ad blockers on the rise.

When done well, influencer marketing ads appear to be native. Influencers should integrate the brand’s product into its natural setting rather than having influencers push a product or use obvious product placement. A successful influencer’s pull lies in their authenticity, which is negated by too much “product placement” and overly branded content.

Measure Results –

How do you know that your marketing strategy for influencers is working? If your brand has consistently measured KPIs, it will easily measure the efficiency of influencers. Brands should know which posts perform best or worst from measuring engagement and views, other than meeting all goals set for KPIs.

Brands will also provide key insights into their targeted audience by leveraging their influencers and expanding the audience. This can help brands target their target audience best and boost customer conversions.


It will help your brand develop an effective influencer marketing strategy by following best practices for sourcing influencers and partnering with them. Setting targets ensures that the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for influencers is easily measured.

The best relationships between the brand and the influencer are mutually beneficial when it comes to selecting influencers. While brands need to ensure that the content of influencers is aligned with their style, values, and marketing goals, successful influencers should be free to produce brand-based natural, organic content.

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