How to Set up Your Online Shop using Shopify


It couldn’t be any easier to sign up with Shopify and start your shop, but they still give a free 14-day trial to get you moving.

You must sign up for an account to open your Shopify store.

1. Sign up with Shopify

Visit To build an account, use the signup form.

Enter the details needed and click on the button ‘Start free trial.’



The name of your store needs to be original or you will be asked to choose something else by Shopify.

You’ll be asked for a few more details after this initial screen, including your name, address, country, and contact number.

If you have goods and, if so, what you plan to sell, you will also be asked. If you’re just trying Shopify to see if it works for you, in the ‘Do you have products? You can pick’ I’m just playing around’ ’dropdown, and ‘I’m not sure’ in the ‘What will you sell?’ section.

Once complete, click ‘I’m done’.

2. Start Setting Up Your Online Shop

You will be led straight to your store admin screen after you’ve signed up. You are now ready to start customizing your shop, uploading items, and setting up shipping and payments.


3. Choose a “Theme” or a “Layout”

There is an official theme store on Shopify. They are guaranteed to have the designers’ full support, and you may sit back knowing that your store is in good hands.

Without having to touch a line of code, all themes come with a detailed list of improvements you can make. The Premium theme is an improvised version with more updates. However, with a free one you can still develop a fantastic looking site. The next segment discusses these improvements.

There are very few limits on what can be done by accessing HTML and CSS if you want to make wholesale improvements to a theme. Do not worry if you haven’t had any coding experience. Shopify has an international team of design firms that you can employ to fully customize your platform, called ‘Shopify Experts.’

We recommend the following in order to find a theme that fits your needs:

  1. Browse the Theme Store

Login and visit the Shopify Theme Store. You may find over 70 theme variations, including a good selection of freebies. All you have to do is choose, type, attributes to pick your theme. You shall use filters and segregate by pay or free, sector, characteristics, popularity, and most recent ones.

  • Check the Functionality and Reviews

Click on the theme’s sample picture if you like it. More details about the theme if it is interactive or mobile compatible will be provided to you.

To read any feedback about usage the style, scroll down.

  • Preview the Theme

To see the theme in motion, press Demo view. It is available under the green ‘Preview Theme in your Store’ tab.

You can also view demos of the various themes by clicking on them if the theme comes in a variety of styles.

  • Get the Theme

Upon finding the desired theme click the green button. Then you have to give your confirmation to Shopify if you would like to install the selected theme.

Click “Publish” as my Shop’s Theme.

Once done, Shopify will let you know after the theme has been installed and will give you the option to go to your theme manager.

Your theme manager displays the installed or activated released themes and unpublished themes.

4. Edit Shopify Settings

Most Shopify themes allow you to make simple modifications where you shall change your store’s appearance. That way, your store won’t seem like a replica of other stores who are your potential rivals.