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Would you like to increase the presence of your brand on social media and grow your reach? To power your social media marketing campaign, here are 10 super easy but successful things you can do.

It may be difficult to believe, but Facebook is used by about a quarter of the world’s population. That’s a lot of folks. While your small business might not be marketing to all of them, you can bet that most local market consumers use outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on a daily basis.

Facebook continues to be America’s most widely used platform, capturing roughly 79 percent of internet users, with daily access by more than three-quarters of those users. Instagram and Twitter, along with Snapchat, are right behind Facebook. The platform is accessed daily by 51 percent of Instagram users, and Snapchat reaches about 53 percent of users under the age of 34.

So what can you do to leverage social media marketing and benefit from all that traffic, as a local marketer or small business owner?

Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

You have enough in your world to try to maintain and grow a small business. For founders, it’s hard to find time on social media for marketing. That’s why they just don’t do so many of them, or they do it poorly enough that it’s ineffective.

Give yourself the freedom to concentrate on your company and outsource the marketing of your social media. At any level, this can be done, such as:

Sites such as ProBlogger, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour are excellent resources to find remote freelancers with social media and content marketing experience.

Plan a Consistent Schedule

You don’t need to post every day at the exact same time but developing a plan for yourself makes it easier to ensure that you produce content regularly. It’s extremely quick to put the job off in favor of something “more significant” if you don’t have a plan in place.

Depending on how you prioritize your day, there will always be more important things to do. Since engaging fans and making some posts doesn’t take much time, block some time out for it every day.

Schedule your posts a few days in advance to keep ahead of the game if you are very pressed for time. For scheduling messages, Twitter and Facebook have built-in features, and other tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite make it even simpler to preload content for later delivery.

Social Media Marketing Automation

The less marketing time you spend, the better. Although it’s a nice idea to share content from across the site, manually searching down 10x content can be time-consuming. With a few resources, you can automate this process.

Try to automatically curate content related to your fans using a tool like Quuu, then tie it to Buffer so that those shares are fed to your followers automatically.

When you manage or like more than one, you can also crosslink Facebook accounts. This allows posts to be fed automatically to another from one page.

Organize and Share Content

You are followed by your customers because they appreciate you and what you have to offer. That doesn’t mean they want to hear about your deals around the clock and exclusive offers. They’re going to tune you out eventually and engagement is going to fall.

Your fans have other interests, so find material that caters to those interests from other outlets. A new selection of content, drawn in from other outlets, will help you to keep up the interaction. It also shows the client, that you trust them enough to take the time for them to find quality content.

This could include:

Engage Your Audience

Social media marketing requires interaction from both sides. You shouldn’t just blindly post content and expect individuals to stay involved in your posts. The engagement of the users is a part of the social media management and development of a company.

Make an effort several times a day to check your social feeds to see if you need to respond to something. Try to remember as many people as possible, respond to direct messages quickly, and let your fans know that you are watching. This fuels extra engagement that boosts your chances of being seen in the crowded news feeds of your followers.

Cross Promote Your Social Channels

Always focus your attention on social media, where your customers are most likely to be found. You should also keep other pages and make the cross-promotion of your other social media a normal activity.

Invite your fans and followers on another site to join you. Entice them over with exclusive material or giveaways. A solid social profile gives a more established look to your small business as customers come across you or go looking online.

Monitor Your Insights

Check your social insights at least once a week. It gives you tons of information, including:

You can read the levels of interaction from the insights to quickly decide when your fans are most involved and what kinds of content, they are most likely to connect with. To enhance the type of content you share, use the information.

Mix Up Your Content

In different ways, people ingest material. Some like to read, others want to listen or watch, and then there are those who want to ingest data on the fly quickly while their feed is skimmed. You should change up the type of content you post on a regular basis to appeal to the full audience.

Alternate links to blogs, comments, photos, live streams, video shares, and text-based posts. There’s no tried-and-true formula, it’s all about what the particular audience prefers.

Remember to look at your social analytics to see what kinds of content and subjects are more responsive to your audience.

Boost Your Posts

In order to promote it, you can put a little money behind every article on your Facebook page. This boost allows the content to appear in your audience’s feeds. Specifically, because a boosted post is treated like an ad. You can improvise it to the followers of your page or to another target audience that you have built.

To increase posts, you don’t need a huge budget. To turn them on to your small company, a $10 to $20 post will get your content in front of hundreds (even thousands) of locals. Hootsuite has a fantastic starter guide to illustrate on how Facebook’s enhanced posts work.

You don’t need to boost each and every message. Only those ones that you want your audience to really see. Remember, you’re fighting the user’s newsfeed with a lot of material. When interest increases, boosting the occasional post will help increase your organic reach.

Work Your Calls to Action

Whether it’s to gain shares, comments, clicks, sales, or likes, every post should be done with a reason. Always have a call to action when you make a post, asking your followers what action you want them to take. It’s far too easy for them to get distracted by anything else in their feed, never leave them to make the option.

Use the call to action in text, and if you use any visual attachments such as video or pictures, work into that as well as a call to action.


Although the social media marketing environment may sound complex, it’s simply the art of engagement at its heart. In order to optimize the effect on your market, focus on driving interaction. You will have your followers engaging and sharing your content in no time with just a little bit of preparation, regular posting, a variety of quality content, and a touch of strategy.

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