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Facebook has long been regarded as a marketing powerhouse. However, lately it’s a little harder to get recognition on the platform. This is partially due to the decreasing organic scope of the site. Meaning not all of the Facebook marketing tips that you use tend to succeed.

There are still plenty of ways to get the attention of your target audience and spread the word. What you need is a few quick approaches, such as producing a range of types of content and publishing very short videos. You should make sure that your Facebook marketing activities stay viable by introducing a new strategy in 2021.

Why Has Marketing on Facebook Become More Difficult?

Facebook plays a major role when developing a social media marketing campaign. This platform has long been considered one of the most effective marketing tools and is extremely popular.

In reality, 93 percent of advertisers regularly use Facebook ads. For instance, Facebook provides in-depth paid advertising and highly customizable targeting features. To be accurate, you can also gain access to a massive audience of —2.32 billion monthly active users.

Recent developments, however, have made Facebook ads a little trickier than they used to be. For example, consider an algorithm that Facebook uses to view content. The platform now focuses on how users communicate with other users, rather than how they interact with corporations.

While this may in certain ways be considered a positive thing, but it can also mean that the commercials are less likely to be seen. It also does not help that a dramatic decrease in organic reach has been witnessed by Facebook. This started around 2014, when Facebook’s VP of Advertising Technology (at the time), Brian Boland, announced that Facebook handled much more ad content than they used to do.

Every day, 350 million photographs and 55 million status updates are uploaded, and more than 60 million active business pages are open. A Facebook ad exposure is becoming highly competitive. For this reason, discovering ways you can stand out is more important than ever.

Facebook Marketing Tips That Work –

1. Varying the content type you post

55 percent of marketers say the production of content is their top priority for inbound marketing. It’s quick, however, to get stuck in a holding pattern. Whatever strategies have worked in the past, many marketers continually use them, even though this leaves little space for development.

The first of our Facebook marketing tips to keep your content marketing dynamic is to consider following the 70-20-10 strategy:

Publishing original content – 70 percent of the time.

20 percent of the time – share existing content that voices the needs of your target customer base.

10 percent of the time – create self-promotional material.

Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of different styles of messages. Try to include photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and text in your Facebook content. Also consider posting user-generated content (UGC). The most popular brands publish 4–5 posts every day, covering a range of forms of content and media.

Studies have also shown that if a brand publishes only a post for the day, then the engagement rates drop dramatically. Fortunately, using a social media management tool such as Revive Old Posts will allow you to quickly automate your posting schedule and share your blog content with Facebook.

2. Update your business page template

It’s critical that you operate from the correct form of business profile in order to get the most out of your Facebook page. To build a business account and start posting is no longer enough. You’ll also want to optimize your account accordingly.

Currently, Facebook contains a range of business page templates. These models contain different features designed to help marketers view content in a manner that aligns with their business objectives. They would also prioritize the most valuable details about your organization automatically.

Say for example, A charity website might concentrate heavily on a ‘donate’ button, or a link to an external fundraiser. For companies, e-commerce shops, non-profits, politicians, utilities, restaurants, venues, and more, there are various templates available.

3. Create more video content precisely

Video content among online consumers is incredibly common. Every day, 75 million Americans watch online videos, and just mentioning the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email will increase its Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by 13%.

So, it is no surprise that video content is also prioritized by digital marketers. It’s necessary to keep this content short and snappy in order to get the best results. On Facebook, it is more likely that videos that run for less than 21 seconds would be viewed. And almost 50 percent of all videos on mobile devices are viewed.

Individuals tend to watch them during meals and breaks while casually browsing through their feeds. They don’t have time for long video content to watch. Studies have shown that videos less than 2 minutes long get the most interaction, so that’s a good guideline to strive for. However, no matter how long your video is, putting the most relevant information at the start is one of the best Facebook marketing tips.

In addition, in your marketing videos, note to include captions. Facebook research has found that adding subtitles improves display times by an average of 12%. The fact that most Facebook videos are viewed without sound has a lot to do with this. Therefore, without the need for audio, your videos should be able to express your message.

4. Include Facebook messenger in your strategy

Facebook Messenger is an extremely effective feature, but corporations also under-use it. Particularly when combined with chatbot technology, this communication tool has a lot to offer.

Chatbots are virtual assistants built in a natural, conversational manner to interact with the audience. With information about your entire product catalogue, they can be configured and are a convenient way to speed up your customer service efforts.

5. Take advantage of the new augmented reality tools

Augmented Reality (AR) tools for advertisers have recently been introduced in the Facebook News Feed advertising. In their news feed advertisements, users could try wearable items, such as glasses and make-up.

For fashion labels, this is not simply a useful choice. For example, inside Facebook Messenger, Kia allowed users to customize and personalise their KIA Stinger car. AR can be used in many ways to push an innovative, effective marketing campaign.

Of course, crafting AR technology can be tricky, so you may want to seek outside assistance. The advantages will outweigh your initial investment by much. One ISACA study showed that 66% of shoppers agree that using AR adds value to their shopping experience.

As you consciously encourage their engagement, using AR may also help you create a deeper bond with your audience. Users love to feel like they are involved with a company, and as a result, they may be more likely to convert. AR is an especially viable technique when you want to illustrate how a product can blend into the daily lives of your consumers/customers and enhance them.


Facebook still provides a lot of value, but it’s important to consider how the marketing plan can be influenced by recent changes to its design and algorithms. Taking these variables into account will help you develop more productive advertising content and draw the interest of your target audience.

In this post, we’ve explored a few Facebook marketing tips that are likely to be highly effective in 2021:

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