Digital Marketing Myths Not to Rely On!

Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing myths that people and businesses spread come with this wide area too. These digital marketing myths and misconceptions are common and believing them could result in your digital marketing efforts failing.

We are aware that the marketing industry is a globally encompassing entity. It has become more complex and provided a broader range of options to the businesses to reach their customers and potential customers on a global scale.

Digital marketing is a comprehensive concept that encompasses many areas including PPC, SEO, video, social media and much more.

This was possible because of the new digital marketing strategies used by most of the companies.

If you’re a business owner looking to leverage digital marketing to grow your company, then staying away from these digital marketing myths is important.

Here are some of the most popular digital marketing myths you’ll need to keep away from.

1) “Only Large Businesses Need Digital Marketing”

The days are long gone, when only the biggest companies needed to think about a strategy for digital marketing. With the technology becoming more available and affordable by the year, SME owners can now digitally, easier than ever, improve their business growth. A distinctive and compelling online presence is a magnet for potential clients and a strong sales drive; good local digital agency resources can be of great help here.

2) “Email Marketing is just a Spam”

This is the best myth of all that people and businesses believe. However, email is the best marketing tool available in the market. Traditionally, direct mail or telephone calls can also be used for spam purposes and so no business can ignore them for legitimate sales purposes. Many users prefer email rather than other networking channels to be used by organizations. The trick is to aim email properly, rather than using a scattergun strategy.

3) “ Reach Out Using Every Social Media Platform”

Quite apart from the very high demands this might cause on resources, it can be counter-productive to try to be “everywhere at once.” Various social media sites have different audiences – for instance, Twitter attracts a high proportion of young people, and is a convenient place for casual customer conversations. Meanwhile, Pinterest has a majority female audience and is more about pictures rather than words. Choose a small number of suitable platforms for your company and focus on those.

4) “You'll Get Instant Results”

Digital marketing typically produces excellent results when applied correctly – but these may take time to become evident. Do not make the mistake of believing that if a campaign you’ve been working hard on doesn’t instantly produce results, then you must have done something wrong. Instead, use monitoring to get an early indication of whether things are going in the right direction – it’s an environment where partnering with a business development partner like JDR will provide significant cost-effectiveness and ROI advantages.

5) “Cross-platform isn’t necessary”

Untrue! Although you will undoubtedly succeed as a company by concentrating on one specific aspect of your digital marketing practise but taking part in as many as possible is what will really improve your efforts. The days of getting on with your conventional marketing and making a website are over now. It’s all about growing your scope. Focusing on phones, social media, search and more is a simple way to promote your brand and product and increase the possibility of becoming more active.

6) “One-to-one marketing is impossible”

It might seem like an impossible goal, but selling one-to-one isn’t as insane as it sounds. Customizing your digital marketing will improve the reputation of your brand as the go-to destination for your product or service. Knowing the client and what makes them tick would make this a pleasure, so evaluating and measuring is important. Things that are as simple as getting the name of the recipient in the body of your emails will give your customer a more positive feeling for your company. Analyse the content online, to see what would work for you.

7) “It’s all about tech”

That is true as well as false. Yes, technology plays a major role in digital marketing, but at the same time, conventional marketing practise is maturing. Do not forget your old techniques; use them as a base for your attempts at digital marketing. It is essential that you do not see them as different disciplines. Traditional and digital marketing have fused into one, so when you change your attention to digital, it is not like you’re starting from scratch. Take advantage of your established information but save time and money by digital.

What Next?

There are many myths and misunderstandings which can stand in the way of your marketing plan. Fortunately, working with an experienced, professional, straight-talking organization such as Proeze will help break through the validated strategies that yield consistent results. Call +44 7775323036 today to find out how we can make the marketing work easier for you.

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Digital marketing myths

Digital marketing myths

Digital marketing myths

Digital marketing myths

Digital marketing myths

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